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It has been unending bearish news in the global market since the inception of 2022. We went from rising interest rates to a declining stock market then to Russia-Ukraine war. The global market sentiment has moved from an optimistic perspective to an extreme fear index.

On the contrary, Dubai has not experienced any decline in real estate prices based on the recent global economic conditions. Instead, property prices have continued to soar. Real estate transaction volume and prices increased significantly in the first quarter of the year as Dubai’s residential market continues to record new activities. Also, with the Russia – Ukraine war, there is an indication that 2022 will continue on this trajectory given investors from both countries are now moving their investments to Dubai to evade any financial loss that could occur as a result on the war.

Expo 2020 which is currently being held in Dubai is another reason why Dubai real estate has been thriving, we have welcomed over 25 million visitors worldwide which has contributed to the UAE economic growth, exposed Dubai real estate to more nationalities and resulted in an influx of new investor to the real estate sector. This will only continue to contribute to the upward trend of the UAE market.

In addition, to encourage and boost investment opportunities, the UAE government has implemented  expatriate-friendly policies such as visa reforms, ease of business ownership, employment opportunities, and long-term visa options.

Overall, the Dubai real estate sector is on an upward trajectory and no seasoned investor would want to miss on the profits that can be generated in the current market.

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