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October 13, 2019by Blythe & Company0

The progress of every business is determined by the value it places on its customers, whether it’s a B2B or B2C, every business should be geared towards keeping their customers happy. Regardless of the business you are into, it is crucial to remember you are selling a customer experience.

Customer retention is key to survival of any business, retaining an existing customer cost significantly less in terms of marketing and building trust.

Customer service is seen as the new marketing! The happier the customers/clients, the more the chances of companies staying longer in businesses. The stakes are unfortunately very high in todays business with increasing customer demands, dynamism in Innovation and technology, the goal is no longer to have great customer service but a legendary one that will keep you ahead of your competitors and leave a mark with your customers.

At Blythe, we factor in customer experience as part of our strategy to building successful businesses with competitive advantage. Understanding who your customers are and buyer’s persona is key to business survival.

Most businesses thrive on customer loyalty, customers who receive excellent service will improve the bottom line of your business by repeated purchases. Customer retention is key to survival of any company. Retaining an existing customer cost significantly less in terms of marketing and building trust. Asides that, a repeat customer is likely to spend more on purchases or service. Impeccable customer service is key to increasing overall profit of a company. A bad customer experience can have a major detrimental effect on a company’s reputation, It’s no news that a lot of businesses thrive from referrals and mere reviews on
the internet.

Statistics shows that 80% of people are likely to write about a negative experience than a good one so we advise companies to take the right initiative to enhance their customer support as it places value on people, you will be surprised at how a good interaction with your customer can increase how much money they are willing to spend. Effective customer support is the fundamental of any business and have a direct impact on sales. Don’t wait till you receive a bad review before putting the right support in place for your business.

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